Educational Method


The Hungarian Scout Association in Slovakia operates on the basis of moral values and gives priority to personal example. Our aim is to bring up people of character who are versatile and live in harmony, and who can implement their acquired knowledge and developed skills at all walks of life. We achieve this by different methods and attitudes in the case of each individual. Scouting ideas play a major role in our educational method. It consists of the following:

  • Small-group system (patrols)
  • Oath and laws
  • Active learning based on personal experience and observation, continuous and incentive, attractive and useful activities mainly in the outdoors
  • Preserving Hungarian culture with special regard to folk traditions.


Why is this good?


  • We enhance the parental and school education so that young people can improve in all areas – physical, mental, emotional, social area and in their character – and all this tailored to individuals.
  • We are building a living Hungarian community where our traditions and cultural values are parts of everyday life.
  • The aim of our activities is to serve the community and grow in God.
  • Getting involved in scouting is not a material issue – education is our mission and not our livelihood.
  • We offer various activities in leisure time that have a value-driven goal.
  • Scouts can develop such skills and competences before reaching adulthood which can help them to find a job in the labour market, establish a harmonious family and encourage them to work for the local community.
A cserkészetről

Scout Law


  1. A Scout’s honour is to be trusted and always tell the truth.
  2. A Scout is loyal to God, nation, country and fellow people.
  3. A Scout’s duty is to be useful and to help others.
  4. A Scout is a brother/sister to every other Scout.
  5. A Scout is gentle with others but strict to himself/herself.
  6. A Scout loves nature, is kind to animals and takes care of plants.
  7. A Scout willingly and wholeheartedly obeys the orders of his superiors.
  8. A Scout is cheerful and considerate.
  9. A Scout is thrifty.
  10. A Scout is clean in body and soul.

Laws for Little Scouts


  1. A Little Scout is obedient and helpful.
  2. A Little Scout loves tidiness.