Support us by shopping online! is desinged to enable online shoppers to support organisations of their choice when they shop online, without having to pay extra. The predetermined amount of money is actually paid by the webshop.

How can you include Dobromat into your purchases?

The easiest way  is to download the Dobromat extension to your browser, which will indicate when you are visiting a websites of a partner shop. This applicaton will ensure that the proceeds from your purchase will go to the supported organisation via Dobromat. You can also create an account on the

If you don`t want to or can`t download the app, but still want to take advantage of the support - for example, the Hungarian Scout Association in Slovakia - and once redirects you to the webshop page of your choice, you can start shopping. The rest will take its course. It is something like this.

After you have completed your purchase, the webshop will pay Dobromat the predetermined amount of money. dobromat transfers the money to the organization (for example, the Hungarian Scout Association in Slovakia).

It`s that simple! It takes longer to read than to get started!

If you like this opportunity and you would like to support us in this way, go ahead and do it!

You can find all info at